• Gaharu Plantation

    Our Gaharu plantation produce one of the world top quality Gaharu.

Gaharu Plantation

Gaharu is also known as Agarwood, Eaglewood, and Aloewood. One of the most rare species found in the Gaharu species is known as Aquilaria Sinensis. It is considered to be nature’s most sacred and prized wood. MBL produces the Aquilaria and has grown over 70,000 trees spanning across 300 acres of land in Broga. Gaharu has been used since the Ming and Qing dynasties for its essential oil and health benefits, as well as for burning incense in religious beliefs.

Gaharu aroma can only be found in its original state form. No artificial chemical or ingredient can replicate the pleasantly significant and long lasting aroma. Gaharu is considered a luxury in today’s society.

MBL owned a factory that produces Gaharu herbal tea, which are using our secret formulation to produce the leaves and lignum into premium tea drinks and individually packed in sachets for distribution to both local and international market.

Besides that, the aged wood used for extract out the essential oil via distillation technology and produced into perfume, shampoo and an array of body care items (eg. Gaharu Oil and Perfume).

MBL processed Gaharu’s precious resin has been well recognized internationally and is worth a substantial amount in the premium market.

Besides, there are also products like Gaharu Woodchips and Gaharu Sapling.

Gaharu Benefits

Nutritious Food

Rich in glycosides, essential minerals and vitamins, it also contains high levels of anti-oxidants that help with anti-aging and preventing cancer.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Gaharu tea is excellent for lowering high blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


It overalls detoxify the body and brings out the soothing health and well being of the body.

Reduce Stress

It also helps to solve hypertension issue.

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