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MBL is a privately owned agricultural company. We produce one of the highest quality and rich natural ecological resources such as the Gaharu Trees, Durians and Swiftlet’s nest. All these resources are recognized as world’s finest agricultural product.

What we are currently doing

Gaharu Plantation / Tea

Gaharu is also known as Agarwood, Eaglewood, Aloewood and Kalambak. Gaharu has been used since the Ming and Qing dynasties for its essential oil and health benefits, as well as for burning incense in religious beliefs.

Durian Plantation

Our durian species includes the Musang King and D24. All of which are well known for their unique creamy texture and sweet taste.

Mizu Drinking Water

We produce exceptionally high quality pure drinking water!

Tiger Milk Mushroom

Large scale Tiger Milk Mushroom production. Tiger Milk mushroom is well known for it’s nutrient and medical benefits.

Swiftlet’s Nest

We build professional designed swiftlet’s houses that ensure premium quality of Swiftlet’s nests is being produced.

MBL Agarwood Eco Leisureland

Premium resort as a gateway to peace and nature.

You should also know…

MBL is committed with full responsibility to cooperate with the Malaysian Government to promote Economic Transformation Program (ETP). Therefore the Malaysian government endorses and encourages MBL agricultural endeavors and initiatives.

With our rich natural ecological resources, MBL has teamed up with top local universities such as University Malaya & University Putra Malaysia for exclusive collaborations. Together we can build a greater exposure to educate and teach all technical cooperation and build a new industrial drive in the local economy. Enhancing the export of agricultural products at the same time to increase the International Foreign Exchange earnings. This will ensure that the products manufactured in Malaysia possess ”Quality” and ”Quantity” to cater to the demand in the International Agricultural Market.

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We are currently looking for investor for some of our projects. If you are interested in any of our projects or having any suggestion or comments, feel free to talk to us.

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