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       Mikuni Biotech & Life Science (M) Sdn Bhd also known as MBL is a privately owned agricultural company with freehold land bank land area spanning across more than 300 acres.MBL is one of Malaysia's spearheaded companies in this high commercial value for agricultural products. MBL is strategically located in Broga, between the borders of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, which is surrounded by the Malaysian National Forest Reserve. Approximately about 50km (40mins drive) from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and from the city center it is estimated at 64km (50mins drive). Located along the equator, Malaysia has warm and humid tropical rainforest weather all year round. With this tropical weather, MBL is therefore able to produce one of the highest quality and rich natural ecological resources such as the Gaharu Trees, Durians and Swiftlet's nest. All these resources are recognized as world's finest agricultural product.

Long-term vision of MBL is to develop prospective agricultural farming while maintaining Ecology for the Eco-Leisure tourism industry. MBL has developed an organic durian orchard, Gaharu tree plantation, and Swiftlet's nest that are cultivated in specially built houses using the modern techniques to produce cleaner nests. MBL ensures that all resources are kept at their utmost original condition without disrupting the ecological system. All Gaharu tea and frozen Durian's processing techniques is well recognized and has accredited by worldwide international standard respectively. ”Broga” is a Malaysian brand that is better known in Chinese ” cn ” (pronounced ”Wu Lai An”), on branded by MBL is well known as one of Malaysia's top agricultural branded company and has made its mark internationally in the agricultural market worldwide.

MBL is proud to be part of 1 Malaysia, as one homegrown brand and Malaysian founded company established in the agricultural industry.

MBL also makes for a perfect getaway for city dwellers as a retreat from the rat race and hectic city life. Any visitor to MBL will delight in the verdant greenery that is complement with streams of fresh mountain water.

MBL is committed with full responsibility to cooperate with the Malaysian Government to promote Economic Transformation Program (ETP). Therefore the Malaysian government endorses and encourages MBL agricultural endeavors and initiatives. With our rich natural ecological resources, MBL has teamed up with top local universities such as University Malaya & University Putra Malaysia for exclusive collaborations. Together we can build a greater exposure to educate and teach all technical cooperation and build a new industrial drive in the local economy. Enhancing the export of agricultural products at the same time to increase the International Foreign Exchange earnings. This will ensure that the products manufactured in Malaysia possess ”Quality” and ”Quantity” to cater to the demand in the International Agricultural Market.

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